Center Console Dial Plates

Two of the three aluminum dial plates used on the center console were commercially available in the 1960's and the third tri-colored plate is suspected to be from one of the many decommissioned pieces of military equipment that were scavenged for the show.

Initially I thought I would be able to track down at least two of the three dial plates. After a lot of searching, I tracked down a few of the 17 step indicators which only proved to be frustrating when they turned out to have a different font for the nomenclature. Even when armed with a manufacturer and part number, because of manufacturing variations it can be difficult to get exactly what you're looking for, especially when it's something manufactured over a range of years half a century ago.

I decided that the least frustrating way to get the level of accuracy I wanted would be to custom manufacture these like the SAGE appliqués.

With the originals at my disposal for study, I was able to recreate them in aluminum with the correct thickness of the originals as well as the raised lettering.

Another of the large tri-colored dial plate is also used on the Jupiter 2's communications station

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